There are four things that I believe are elemental in discerning a person’s taste: movies, TV, books and music. Different folks can have different opinions on contemporary art or food or boxer shorts or whatever — those are matters of opinion and, if it moves you, it moves you. …

Everybody else is doing it.


23. Hulk
Too much CGI
And joyless, like its villain —
Roth … was a bad choice.

22. Thor: The Dark World
Too dark, gloomy, and,
Ms. Portman notwithstanding,
A chore to look at.


21. Iron Man 2
Sort of surprising
That RDJ could sleepwalk

Jason Hammersla: We are here today with Marnie Reichelderfer. Thank you for joining us today, Marnie.

Marnie Reichelderfer: Thank you, Jason.

JH: I understand that you are getting married. Congratulations.

MR: Well, thanks! Yes I am.

JH: And who is the lucky fellow?

MR: Uh, David Leavitt.

JH: Mr. David…

Jason Hammersla: We’re talking now with Jeremy Rothman. Good afternoon, Jeremy.

Jeremy Rothman: Uh, Good afternoon.

JH: How are you doing today?

JR: I’m doing all right.

JH: Excellent. I understand that you are married. Is that correct?

JR: Yes, it is, it is correct, to my beautiful wife Catherine…

Jason Hammersla: We are talking today on the thirty-first of May, 2003, with Geoff Abbas. Good afternoon, Geoff.

Geoff Abbas: Good afternoon, Jason.

JH: How are you doing today?

GA: I’m doing just fine, and yourself?

JH: Excellent. I am doing fine. Let’s jump right in. …

Saying that a person “peaked in high school” is a particularly brutal kind of smear, because not only does it imply the faintest of praise — as in, they were at their best before it really counted — it also makes a damning conclusion about the person’s future.

The phrase…

There are two kinds of people who have no respect for words:

The first kind treats them like refugees, the collateral damage of technocratic process. These people often have noble aims, but these aims tend to be abstract and aspirational (like science) or supercharged and ideological (like politics). …

Jason Hammersla

Manufacturer of ecstasy

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